“Each dollar spent on Russian oil and gas is going to this war that is killing us”

Ukrainian activists spoke to ELN about the need to end fossil fuel addiction that is feeding Russia’s war machine

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It is not fair to fight alone against Russia.

These are some of the first words uttered by Julia Pashkovska, a Ukraine-based campaigner speaking on ELN about whether she feels secure that governments around the world are doing enough to support her country.

As the Executive Director of the Ukrainian NGO Ekoltrava, she sees things differently compared to others who just watch from their screens Russian missiles hitting civilians.

Julia sees in real life the horror in the eyes of her family and friends’ deaths while they were forced to leave their homes to shelter themselves from Russian shelling.

She said: “It’s already war. Thousands of people are dying here. I understand governments that are worried about their countries and people but we are also part of Europe.

“It’s not fair that we are fighting alone against this big country. I think we need more support.”

Julia added: “I know that Europe has still huge imports of Russian gas and we are feeling very upset about it because each dollar from these imports is going to war, weapons and more bombs.”

Konstiantyn Krynytskyi, Head of Energy Department of Ukrainian NGO “Ecoaction” tells ELN: “The sanctions which are already imposed are good, extraordinary for the European standards but this is not enough.

“Make no mistake, that this war of Russia against Ukraine is being financed by oil, gas and coal industries that European counties are still heavily dependent on these.”

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