“Half of Ukraine’s renewable energy sector is threatened with destruction”

The Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy spoke to ELN about the danger solar and wind projects are facing because of the war

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Half of Ukraine’s renewable energy sector is threatened with destruction.

That’s the suggestion by Oleksandr Kozakevych, Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy who spoke to ELN about the impact of the war on the energy infrastructure in the country.

The boss of the body which represents the renewable energy industry in Ukraine said: “I think most now Ukrainian investors and foreign investors are trying to save as many lives as they can. They are volunteers.

“Some of our members, owners or developers of solar farms are now helping Ukrainian army, our forces, creating products that we call ‘hedgehogs’ as they try to stop the moving of the tanks or other forces.”

Mr Kozakevych added that Ukraine’s renewable energy facilities are at high risk of total or partial destruction.

It is estimated that nearly 47% of the installed capacity of renewable energy power plants is located in the regions where active hostilities are taking place.

The vast majority of wind farms in Ukraine were built in the south of the country with the highest wind potential  – Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa regions.

Almost 89% of the wind farms capacity is located in areas where active hostilities are currently underway, another 9% are located in close proximity to regions with active hostilities.

More than half of the wind farms have already been shut down.

Oleksandr Kozakevych said: “We need to protect our grid from the massive attacks of Russian occupiers.”

Asked about the sanctions imposed from other countries on Russian oil and gas, Mr Kozakevych said: “The oil and gas suppliers of Russia are more powerful weapons in this war than the actual weapons.”

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