How easy a task is it for the world to cut reliance on Russian gas?

Lowering gas dependency could raise emissions, a senior sector economist has told ELN

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Governments’ efforts to reduce their dependency on Russian fossil fuels could put their climate targets at risk.

That’s one of the findings of a new report by ING which suggests that if countries seek ways to ensure energy security by reducing reliance on Russian gas, they will likely find other alternatives, including coal.

That move could hinder the global capacity to achieve net zero, analysts noted.

Gerben Hieminga, ING Senior Sector Economist told ELN: “It is not an easy task for Europe to cut reliance on Russian gas. Europe is 40% dependent on its gas demand from Russia, a total of 155 billion cubic metres and we estimate that 55%, in a best-case scenario, can be substituted by other sources.

“Mostly by LNG, from other countries a bit higher gas production in Europe itself and also more non-Russian gas pipe flows to Europe.”

Watch the video to listen to the entire interview.

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