Webinar: Managing risk in the energy transition | How I&C can access a CapEx free battery

This webinar will be brought to you live from 11:00 on 26th May

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Energy resilience and stability is being discussed more frequently as demand for power increases, prices are becoming more volatile and new technologies are introduced that require greater grid connection capacity and power consumption. Meanwhile while electricity networks are designed to be as robust and resilient as possible, natural hazards and increasing intermittency of electricity generation presents risks for the grid, and therefore for businesses. The result is that more and more businesses are choosing to add energy storage to their site, but, as we noted in our recent Global Energy Trends 2022 White Paper, for some businesses regardless of recent falls in the cost of battery storage systems, the high upfront costs are a key barrier.

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Speaker: Michael Phelan, MBA, GridBeyond CEO & Co-Founder

Michael has over 22 years management experience in sales, marketing and product development in electronic and software companies targeting the energy sector.

Prior to joining GridBeyond, Michael held positions at Philips, Microsol, PCAS and Duolog in automation and electronics. He was responsible for developing European, Asian and American markets and OEMs such as Invensys, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Alstom. In addition, he has facilitated several successful exits. Michael is a graduate of University College Dublin where he obtained an MBA in Business Administration, Management and Operations.

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