Eni has not opened rouble account to pay for Russian gas

The energy giant has confirmed it will honour contract terms and the guidelines given by European authorities

Big Zero Report 2022

Eni has said it will continue to pay in euros for Russian gas.

On Friday, during a conference call about the company’s first-quarter results, Mr Francesco Gattei, Eni’s Chief Financial Officer, said: “About the mechanism of payment, what we can say is that we are clearly continuing to analyse the situation and we are in strict coordination with the European authorities and the Italian Government.

“What we are going to pay for gas will be in compliance with the contract terms and will follow the international sanctions. So, we will respect all these rules and the currency of the contract is euro. We continue to receive invoices in euro and we have not opened a rouble account.”

Vladimir Putin had previously announced that Russia would only accept payments in roubles for natural gas deliveries to ‘unfriendly countries’.

A month ago, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said the UK will not pay for Russian commodities, including gas in roubles.

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