Boris talks about cutting bills for those living near onshore wind farms

The Prime Minister said householders might ‘buy into’ living closer to onshore wind projects if they have lower bills

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People living close to onshore wind farms across the UK could have lower energy bills compared to the average household bills.

Speaking to the BBC during his visit to Sweden, the Prime Minister said: “I am not massively keen on onshore wind farms for all sorts of reasons.

“But if local people want them and if you could have a system whereby the onshore wind was being used to abate the energy prices of those who were in the immediate vicinity of the onshore wind farms, as we suggested the other day in the British Energy Security Strategy, that might be something that local people wanted to buy into.”

Last month, ELN reported that the government is exploring the expansion of a scheme launched by Octopus in a bid to increase the country’s onshore wind power capacity.

The Energy Security Strategy published last month targeted a massive expansion of offshore wind. 

During his day trip, Boris Johnson signed new security declarations with Sweden and Finland to strengthen defence and security ties between countries.

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