Hundreds protest against Sizewell C nuclear power station

Campaigners have claimed the development will have a significant negative impact on the local community

Big Zero Report 2022

Nearly 200 people have marched against plans for Sizewell C, a £20 billion nuclear plant on the east coast of England.

The protest comes after ministers deferred a decision on whether to grant development consent till early July.

Alison Downes from the protest group, Stop Sizewell C said: “A decision to go ahead with Sizewell C would be a wrong decision.

“EDF has clearly not taken the community with them, and the government has totally betrayed the faith of local people in due process by repeated commitments to Sizewell C when it doesn’t have planning consent, let alone a final investment decision.”

Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated the government’s objective of building one new nuclear power station every year.

Last week, the Business Secretary said building new nuclear power stations might result in further increases in energy bills in the short-term.

A spokesperson for Sizewell C told ELN: “A poll undertaken by ICM Unlimited of the local attitudes of people in East Suffolk demonstrated strong local support for the project with 58% of people in favour of the plans to build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell C.

“Sizewell C will deliver 1,500 apprenticeships and 7,900 jobs at peak construction with at least a third of the workforce coming from the local area.

“Once the power station is operational there will be 900 rewarding skilled local jobs.  We have agreements in place with all colleges in Suffolk to ensure that local people can work with us.

“Furthermore, we continue to work with Inspire Suffolk and Access Community Trust to reach some of the most deprived pockets of the county, some of those hardest hit by the pandemic, to support next steps into training, education and work.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Suffolk worth billions of pounds to the regional economy and we are committed to ensure Sizewell C brings a positive legacy for local people for generations to come, improving the life chances of some of those furthest from the job market and a boost in local skills, training and education and contracts for the business community.

“This is all in addition to helping fight climate change by delivering low carbon power for 6million homes and a 19% net gain for biodiversity in the area.”

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