Fluix helps energy companies switch to more efficient automation

Energy projects consist of many standard processes and repetitive procedures.

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At different stages, a project requires planning, approval, procurement, maintenance, quality control, field inspection, and more. The better each process is managed, the less chance there is for rework and closeout delay.

Process automation is what helps manage energy projects with better performance. Some tools, however, require coding experience, and take too much time for onboarding within the entire organization.

Fluix is a cloud-based web app designed for companies looking for no-code workflows and data collection. It’s specifically developed for field industries, and covers their main use cases such as field inspection, safety management, audit and compliance, and more.

The following solutions lay a solid foundations for automation of any process within your organization on the ecosystem level:

  • Data collection: Mobile forms and checklists replace paper docs and collect accurate data that can be shared between distributed teams.
  • Process automation: Task-based workflows let you automate processes of any complexity, and control the progress from anywhere.
  • Data analysis: Data from forms can be exported to identify trends and behaviors that can influence the overall performance.
  • Multi-platform: Fluix operates on web, iOS and Android. Your team collaboration doesn’t depend on the device you’re using.
  • Assisted Onboarding: 1:1 onboarding sessions conducted by customer success teams help people learn to use a new product faster.

Fluix has a 14-day trial and only one pricing plan that may help companies without big budgets get started with automation. Instead of figuring out how to use all the advanced features you may never need, you can start with basic checklists and workflows, mapping your processes one at a time.

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