Campaigners urge one million customers to stop paying energy bills

A group of activists has said they will cancel their direct debits by 1st October if the government fails to take further action on energy price rises

Big Zero Report 2022

A new campaign aimed at gathering one million signatures from people who will stop paying their energy bills has gained traction in the last couple of days.

In its manifesto, the group, named ‘Don’t Pay’, stated: “We demand the government scrap the energy price rises and deliver affordable energy for all.

“We will build a million pledges and by 1st October if the government and energy companies fail to act we will cancel our direct debits.”

They said the movement of mass non-payment is not a new idea – it happened in the UK in the late 80s and 90s, when more than 17 million people refused to pay the Poll Tax, brought in by Margaret Thatcher.

A Don’t Pay spokesperson told ELN: “Millions of us won’t be able to afford food and bills this winter. We cannot afford to let that happen. We all need to come together through collective action to force the government and energy companies to reduce our energy bills.”

A government spokesperson told ELN: “This is highly irresponsible messaging, which ultimately will only push up prices for everyone else and affect personal credit ratings.

“We recognise that global inflationary pressures are squeezing household finances and people are struggling. That’s why the government has introduced an extraordinary £37 billion to help households in these challenging times, including £1,200 each for eight million of the most vulnerable households.”

ELN has also contacted Ofgem for a response.

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