“Government should treat energy efficiency as a national emergency”

Nick Wayth, Chief Executive at Energy Institute spoke to ELN about the findings of the Energy Barometer survey amid the “biggest” crisis since the 1970s

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Energy efficiency has been ranked as the most important response to the current energy crisis.

Energy Institute (EI) has today released the results of its annual Energy Barometer survey which shows that nearly 70% of energy professionals do not see existing energy efficiency policy having had any positive effect over the past year.

In an interview with ELN, Nick Wayth, EI’s Chief Executive said energy efficiency needs to be the number one priority for the government.

Mr Wayth said: “It is something that can have an impact in the short, medium and long term. And certainly, our members are calling on the government to do more. We need clear mechanisms, we need funding.”

According to the Energy Barometer, spiralling energy prices is the top concern for EI’s members. This is followed by climate change and the security of the energy supply.

In response to this finding, the boss of EI said: “If you cannot afford to heat your home and put food on the table for your children that has gotta be your number one concern.

“That’s completely natural. My personal conviction is that these three crises can be solved by the same actions. If we tackle one, we can tackle all three.”

Confidence in meeting the 2050 net zero target has also dropped significantly, according to the survey.

Almost 70% of UK’s energy professionals don’t expect the UK to meet or get close to the target in time.

Mr Wayth commented: “That has increased from 54% who felt the same thing last year. I guess there is a reality there that people are concerned that the security of supply, as we are seeing as a consequence of the tragic war is having here in Europe and clearly for many European countries, the ability to keep supplies of energy flowing, particularly this winter is going to be a huge challenge for those governments.

“I am an optimist, I think we may get there, it’s going to be a bumpy road but I would personally have a more positive view.”

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