Energy demand peaked on UK’s hottest day

National Grid ESO report suggests on 19th July the UK saw a peak in energy demand

UK’s energy demand peaked as the heatwave scorched the nation.

National Grid ESO’s latest data shows in July, energy demand peaked at 6pm on 19th July.

Analysis by the Met Office suggests on that day, 40.3°C was recorded at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, setting a new UK and England temperature record by a margin of 1..6°C.

Multiple stations across England also exceeded 40°C.

The system operator said nearly 23TWh of energy run through the network in July – that was equivalent to 23 billion washing machine cycles.

This heatwave marked a milestone in UK climate history, with 40°C being recorded for the first time in the UK and 35°C being recorded for the first time in Scotland.

Last week, a report by the World Weather Attribution suggested the record-breaking temperature of more than 40°C seen last month was the result of human-caused climate change.

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