EDF: “More than half of UK households will be in fuel poverty in January”

More than 10% of a household’s disposable income is forecast to be spent on energy bills

EDF has today warned that millions of customers could be plunged into fuel poverty.

Later this week, Britons will get confirmation of the latest energy price cap – the latest estimates suggest the typical household energy bill will go above £3,500 in October.

Speaking to the BBC’s Breakfast show, EDF’s Managing Director of Customers Philippe Commaret said: “When you look at the figures more than half of UK households will be in fuel poverty in January, meaning they will have to spend more than 10% of their disposable income on their energy bill.”

A few days ago, Mr Commaret called on the government and the two Conservative candidates to work with industry to find a “viable solution” for those customers most in need this winter.

Asked about the reported profits energy companies are making and what measures can be taken by them to support customers, Philippe Commaret said: “I think we need to draw a line between the oil and gas companies that are making profits and the energy suppliers that are buying the gas and electricity to provide them to their customers.

“We have seen over the last 12 months, 30 of the energy suppliers have gone bust. What we are announcing today is a campaign for customers to reduce their cost but also to make sure they are accessing all of the available financial support available for them.”

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