Milk supplies targeted by animal rights group

Animal Rebellion activists have been drilling into the tyres of trucks at Arla distribution facilities

Protestors say they managed to empty milk shelves in London supermarkets, after attacking an Arla dairy distribution centre in Hertfordshire.

Animal Rebellion activists said they drilled the tyres of approximately 50 trucks at a site of the dairy company Arla in Hatfield.

The campaigners, who advocate a sustainable plant-based food system, say their actions hit the firm’s distribution centres for five days, by drilling tyres, occupying silos and getting on top of company milk trucks.

They said they successfully disrupted some milk supply to the capital.

Nathan McGovern, a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, said: “The cost-of-living, climate, and ecological emergencies are still being felt by millions of people in this country and across the globe.

“Even though many are in a period of intense grief, we simply cannot ignore the fact that the grief and loss caused by runaway climate breakdown are felt in every corner of the planet.”

An Arla spokesperson told ELN: “We’re extremely disappointed that protestors caused criminal damage to some of our vehicles at our Hatfield site last week.

“The site is currently fully operational and we continue delivering nutritious dairy around the country.”

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