Scientists discover paint that could eliminate the need for air conditioning

The scientific team suggests the paint could help planes, trains and vehicles slash their energy use

Big Zero Report 2022

US boffins claim they have discovered “the world’s whitest” paint that could eradicate the need for switching the air conditioning on.

The scientific team from Purdue University suggests the paint has the potential to keep surfaces so cool that could reduce the need for air conditioning systems significantly.

The researchers behind the discovery say they have developed a new formula for their original idea that is “thinner and lighter” and ideal for radiating heat away from cars, trains and airplanes.

The paint reflects the sunlight more than 98% of the sunlight, cooling outdoor surfaces more than 4.5°C below ambient temperature.

George Chiu, a Purdue Professor of Mechanical Engineering, said: “This paint has the potential to cool the exteriors of airplanes, cars or trains.

“An airplane sitting on the tarmac on a hot summer day won’t have to run its air conditioning as hard to cool the inside, saving large amounts of energy. Spacecraft also have to be as light as possible, and this paint can be a part of that.”

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