Shell Energy to give an extra £150 to vulnerable customers

Customers will receive a £150 payment directly into the accounts

Shell Energy will pay an extra £150 to Warm Home Discount customers, giving them £300 to help with the cost of energy this winter.

It is estimated that nearly 157,000 families will receive an extra £150 this winter.

The measure is part of a newly announced £50 million package of support from Shell to alleviate some of the financial hardship of its customers.

The package includes a £150 payment directly into the accounts of 157,000 customers who receive the government’s Warm Home Discount, doubling the Shell Energy hardship fund from £10 million to £20 million through to the end of 2024 and a multimillion-pound donation to charities.

Tony Keeling, Chief Executive Officer of Shell Energy Retail, said: “The cost of living challenge so many people face this winter is unprecedented and it requires government, business and charities to come together to provide vital support over the coming months.

“The government’s Energy Price Guarantee will provide much-needed protection, but many will still be struggling with very high bills.”

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