What if how hard you worked out powered your gym?

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Big Zero Report 2022

“I was stabbed 12 times, fighting for my life. I woke up after a four operation, unable to breathe properly and that was a point for me.”

Will Flint, CEO of Energym, went through a truly traumatic experience that changed his life forever, after trying to save a girl being attacked on New Year’s Eve.

“The gym for me, became therapy, allowing me to get back fighting fit to my previous self.”

He had an idea that human power could be used to facilitate working out after seeing the damage climate change was doing to the Great Barrier Reef.

What energy do we produce when we run on the treadmill or cycle on a bike?

Energym claims to have created a bicycle that captures up to 90% of the energy you generate – making working out not only good for you but for the planet.

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