Activists pour milk over dairy products at Selfridges

One of the activists told ELN that their protest aimed to urge government to put an end to unsustainable practices of dairy farmers

Vegan activists have poured bottles of milk over the floor in high-end department stores in central London, including Selfridges, in protest against the carbon footprint of the dairy industry.

At the same time, hundreds of supporters of Animal Rebellion, a sister movement of the Extinction Rebellion, took to the streets around the Green Park

Sofia Fernandes Pontes, who participated in the pouring of milk over the dairy products at Selfridges, told ELN about the reasons behind this protest: “There was a very simple message which was to bring about a plant-based future.

“What it essentially for us meant was that following these two demands, the first one would be to help farmers transition to a more sustainable, plant-based system and then to use that freed-up plan and bring back our lush green forest, which would help the carbon drawdown.”

“Coming out of that, I think we did manage to get that message across that we need to end dairy.

“And it did get people talking about it, whether it was positive or negative, it did have people talking about and hopefully getting people researching exactly what the dairy industry is doing.”

ELN contacted Selfridges for comment.

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