Government does not anticipate blackouts, says minister

Climate Minister Graham Stuart has confirmed that the government is “planning for all eventualities”

The government does not expect energy rationing measures to be implemented, a minister has said.

In an interview with Sky News, Climate Minister Graham Stuart said that the UK “is in a pretty good position compared to other European neighbours.”

However, he explained: “You cannot guarantee what’s going to happen in terms of the nature of our energy supply.”

Mr Stuart added: “You have seen all sorts of things happening in recent weeks and, you know, we plan for all eventualities.”

On Thursday, the National Grid Electricity System Operator said homes and companies might be hit by power outages this winter under the “unlikely” scenario that gas supplies fall short of demand.

In response to the National Grid’s warning, Dr Matthew Trewhella, Chief Executive Officer of The Kensa Group, commented: “This warning is really worrying for both consumers and businesses in the UK and should serve as yet another reason why we need to prioritise the use of homegrown energy rather than relying on fossil fuels from overseas.

“Around half of the UK’s electricity is still made by burning gas which is not only harmful for the environment but keeps us at the mercy of foreign supplies.

“Investment in UK renewables like offshore wind and solar could help us become more self-sufficient, the decoupling of our electricity from our gas would allow renewable energy to be cheaper and heat pumps could replace the direct burning of gas for heating and hot water.”

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