UK has nine days of gas storage, warns Centrica

This compares to France’s 103 days and Germany’s 89 days

The owner of the UK’s largest energy supplier has warned the UK has some of the lowest gas storage levels in Europe.

Experts had previously said that Britons might face power cuts if there is a gas shortage this winter.

Centrica said the UK has just nine days of gas storage when Germany has 89 days, France 103 days and the Netherlands 123 days.

The government has reassured that the UK has diverse supply sources, including pipelines from the UK and Norway and other European countries and some liquefied natural gas import terminals.

Last week, Centrica announced the reopening of its Rough storage facility.

Centrica Group Chief Executive Chris O’Shea said: “In the short term, we think Rough can help our energy system by storing natural gas when there is a surplus and producing this gas when the country needs it during cold snaps and peak demand.

“Rough is not a silver bullet for energy security, but it is a key part of a range of steps which can be taken to help the UK this winter.”

A few weeks ago, in its Winter Outlook report, the National Grid ESO said in an “unlikely” scenario, Brits could face three-hour planned power cuts if there are not enough gas supplies.

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