‘Large disparity’ in MPs’ views and public support on onshore wind

MPs overestimate opposition to new onshore wind farms, new survey has found

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It appears that MPs don’t have a clear view of what the voters in their constituencies want regarding new onshore wind.

A survey of MPs, which was carried out by YouGov for the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), shows that 43% of MPs believe that a majority of people in their constituency would oppose a new onshore wind farm, despite other polls suggesting a higher rate of support among voters.

The findings from the polling suggest nearly 61% of Conservative MPs think people who voted for them at the last election have an unfavourable view of onshore wind. In contrast, almost 63% of their voters favour onshore wind.

According to the survey, in general, nearly 70% of the public say they are favourable to wind.

Simon Clarke, Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, said: “Given the urgent need for new energy supplies to bring down bills and achieve energy self-sufficiency, it would be hugely regressive to block new onshore wind farms where communities support them.”

Peter Chalkley, Director of the ECIU, said: “There’s a real danger that MPs are hearing a small number of loud voices, but missing out on the silent majority who may not say it, but are turned off on MP by seeing them campaign against a local wind farm.”

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