Wind power in the woods

A new partnership aims to develop sustainable wooden wind turbine blades

Big Zero Report 2022

Renewable materials company Stora Enso and German start-up Voodin Blade Technology have signed a partnership agreement to develop sustainable wind turbine blades from wood.

The agreement will bring the two companies together to develop sustainable alternatives for wind turbine blades.

Manufacturers use fibreglass and carbon fibre, energy-intensive non-renewable plastics from petrochemicals, to create wind power blades.

These materials cannot be easily recycled.

Partners are currently producing and installing a 20-metre blade for a 0.5MW turbine and have plans for an 80-metre blade.

Joachim Knapp, Mechanical Engineer and Automation Expert with Voodin Blades, said: “The wind industry, as a key driver towards carbon-neutrality, needs to become 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“With the installation of the 20-metre blade, we are opening a path towards a more sustainable future. In time we will start to develop and manufacture blades for future multi-megawatt turbines.”

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