IEA chief: EU could face bigger energy crunch next winter

Dr Fatih Birol has urged EU countries to prepare “today for next year”

Europe should act now to save gas for next winter when the energy crunch will likely be more challenging.

Speaking at an energy symposium in Berlin, Dr Fatih Birol said: “Europe will go through this winter with some economic and social headaches, bruises here and there.”

As European countries are taking steps to wean themselves off Russian gas and the energy price increases, the head of the organisation has warned that the next few months will not be easy.

He said: “Next winter will be more difficult than this winter.

“(This) is the reason Europe needs to prepare today for next year.”

However, Dr Birol believes Europe should be able to cope with the gas supply crunch in the coming months as its gas reserves have exceeded pre-winter targets.

According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe, the European gas storage level reached 90% on 5th October, surpassing the target of 80% level by 1st November.

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