Energy storage supercharged with £32m government investment

Energy storage technologies, such as thermal batteries and liquid flow batteries will benefit from the new funding

Innovative battery projects across the UK have been awarded funding to help test and evaluate new approaches.

Five projects will benefit from a share of over £32 million to develop technologies that can store energy as heat, electricity or as a low carbon energy carrier like hydrogen.

Thermal energy storage projects and liquid flow batteries will receive government funding.

A recent report suggested the government needed to spend nearly £20 billion on battery storage to hit its 2030 renewables target.

Minister for Climate Graham Stuart said: “Accelerating renewables is key to boosting our energy resilience. Energy storage helps us get the full benefit of these renewables, improving efficiency and helping drive down costs in the long term.

“This £32.9 million government backing will enable green innovators across the UK to develop this technology, helping create new jobs and encouraging private investment while also safeguarding the UK’s energy security.”

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