How could watermelons and beers help Britons through blackouts?

Staying hydrated in the case of an extreme water shortage is essential, according to reported leaked government documents

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Are watermelons and pints the new candles and torches to help Britons navigate through a potential national blackout?

According to The Sun. a leaked government document about ‘Project Yarrow’, Number 10’s analysis on how people might react to a power cut or water shortage, Britons will be advised to eat fruit, high in water content.

The nation will also be told to go to bed early in the event of a heating crisis.

The newspaper suggests three behavioural scientists at the Government Communication Service gave their report to the Cabinet Office earlier this year to prepare ministers’ advice for future emergency events.

The document also allegedly points out that drinking beer is better than not having any liquids at all in the case of a severe water shortage.

ELN has approached Number 10 for comment – the Prime Minister’s office did not respond before publication.

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