UK should not be building Sizewell C, says energy boss

A nationwide rollout of small nuclear reactors has been hailed as a “nightmare” by Dale Vince

The Founder of a British energy company has expressed his doubts about the government’s backing of Sizewell C.

A few months ago, ministers confirmed the first state backing of a nuclear project in more than 30 years, with a £700 million stake in Sizewell C in Suffolk.

The power station is predicted to produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of six million homes.

Speaking to GB News, Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, said: “It (nuclear energy) is much more expensive. It eats tens of billions of more public money than renewables have. And we will do it for a very long time because we have to actually deal with the radioactive waste as well.

“I think that what we have, we should keep and we should use it as we transition into 100% green energy. We shouldn’t be building Sizewell, the next one.”

Mr Vince questioned the turnover of such large projects and when asked about Rolls-Royce’s small reactors said: “What a nightmare. A proliferation of mini nukes around the country.”

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