London proposes to switch off skyscrapers lights in bid to save energy

New developments would have “curfew times”, according to a draft of the new lighting policy proposals in the City of London

Buildings in the City of London could soon be required to switch off or dim their lights to save energy and cut light pollution.

This comes as the City of London Corporation has launched a consultation on a new lighting policy that will lay down requirements for future planning applications in the Square Mile and provide guidance on lighting existing buildings.

According to the proposals, new developments face “curfew times”, when all external lighting, should be turned off or dimmed if there is no other safety reason to keep them on.

Owners of the new developments will also have to turn off or dim their lights earlier if their building is in a “sensitive” area.

The document, seen by ELN, states: “All development should ensure all external and internal lighting is automatically turned off when not needed using PIRs and/or timeclocks or other automated control devices to help reduce energy use and waste.

“Any architectural lighting, or lighting without an essential function, should be switched off between the agreed ‘lighting curfew’ and dawn.

“Lighting schemes should ensure as much of the energy demand as possible is met through on-site renewable energy provision.”

The proposals are aimed at reducing the impact of artificial light on residents and helping the City Corporation reach its target of achieving carbon net zero for the Square Mile as a whole by 2040.

City of London Corporation Planning and Transportation Committee Chairman Shravan Joshi said: “The City is a unique place in which 24/7 business districts and busy transport hubs rub up against historic buildings and residential neighbourhoods.

“The strategy laid out in this document is aimed at ensuring an intelligent, sensitive approach to lighting which ensures the City is safe and accessible, while protecting its historic character and the amenity of our residents.”

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