UK competition watchdog to probe EDF’s turbine takeover

Last year saw GE and EDF sign an exclusive agreement for EDF to acquire a portion of GE’s nuclear turbine unit

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced on Monday that it will be conducting an investigation into the proposed acquisition of General Electric (GE) Company’s nuclear turbine unit by EDF.

In February 2022, GE signed an exclusive agreement with EDF to sell part of its nuclear activities related to steam power.

The CMA is assessing whether this merger will have a negative impact on competition within any markets in the UK for goods or services.

In order to facilitate its investigation, the CMA has requested comments from any interested parties.

GE’s nuclear steam turbines are currently installed in half of the world’s nuclear power plants – this includes all of EDF’s nuclear plants in France.

ELN has reached out to both EDF and GE for comment.

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