UK Energy Secretary praises Korea’s potential in nuclear power and barbecue

In a video on Twitter, Grant Shapps has praised Korea’s sophisticated nuclear industry and made a reference to their barbecue

Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary Grant Shapps has lauded Korea for its potential in the nuclear industry, while also acknowledging their delicious barbeque.

In a short video posted on his Twitter account, Mr Shapps highlighted Korea’s goal of using nuclear power to meet over a third of their energy needs by 2030 and said that the UK could learn from their Asian partners.

Shapps said: “When you hear South Korea, you probably think of K-Pop, kimchi and cosmetics more than you think of nuclear power. But this week, I am not just here for the barbecue, I’m here because South Korea has one of the world’s leading nuclear industries.

“Our current ambition is for nuclear to generate a quarter of all power by 2050, but here in Korea, they have already flown past that. In fact, they have now set their sights on nuclear meeting over a third of their energy needs by 2030. So we can clearly learn a thing or two from our Asian partners.

“But I’m also here flying the flag for UK PLC, the land of nuclear opportunity.”

Mr Shapps ended the video by asking his team if they would be getting some Korean barbecue.

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