UK and EU join forces to defend wind farms against threats

The UK and EU are teaming up to protect offshore wind farms from possible sabotage by Russia through joint patrols and intelligence sharing

The UK has joined forces with the EU in a new security pact aimed at protecting offshore wind farms from potential sabotage by Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Proposals include joint patrols, including the use of drones and intelligence sharing to safeguard power supplies across the continent.

Recent reports revealed that Russian spy ships were mapping wind farms and key communication cables in the North Sea as part of their sabotage plans.

In response, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, warned that the bloc’s infrastructure was “under threat”.

Grant Shapps, the UK Energy Security Secretary, announced the increased co-operation during the North Sea Summit with EU leaders in Ostend, Belgium.

He added that Britain had increased monitoring to protect infrastructure and was reviewing further measures, including drones.

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