UK net zero tsar urges government to halt Rosebank oil project

Chris Skidmore has called for the suspension of the Rosebank oilfield in the North Sea, warning that it could harm the country’s net zero efforts and climate credibility

The government‘s former net zero tsar Chris Skidmore has called for the suspension of the Rosebank oilfield development in the North Sea.

Skidmore, a Conservative MP who led the review of the UK’s climate goals, has warned that approving the project could derail net zero efforts and harm the UK’s credibility on climate change.

Chris Skidmore told the Guardian: “There is no such thing as a new net zero oilfield. Approving Rosebank would undermine UK claims to climate leadership on the world stage, undermine what the climate science tells us and undermine our efforts to achieve a net zero Britain by mid-century.”

He urged the government to prioritise clean energy supply such as energy efficiency, rooftop solar and onshore wind instead.

The Rosebank project is a massive potential North Sea development that could produce 500 million barrels of oil.

ELN understands that Skidmore is the first Tory MP to openly oppose the project.

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson told ELN: “We are on track to deliver our carbon budgets and our Carbon Budget Delivery Plan sets us on course to reach net zero by 2050.

“No decision has yet been made regarding the proposed Rosebank field. Development proposals for oil fields under existing licences are a matter for the regulators, who consider the impact on the environment when making their judgment.”

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