Hinkley Point C to offer 30,000 new training places for locals

Trainees are expected to improve their skills by participating in the installation of pipes, cables, equipment, and control systems

Hinkley Point C, the nuclear power station under construction in Somerset, has announced plans to provide 30,000 new training places for local people to join the project during its peak construction period.

The training courses, offered in in-demand skills such as welding, electrical work, steelwork, and pipe installation, are made possible by the station’s £24 million investment in education.

The training centres will become part of Hinkley Point C’s legacy, available for local and national businesses to enrol their own employees, helping to strengthen the region’s industrial capability.

Hinkley Point C’s Managing Director, Stuart Crooks, said that the project increases prosperity and productivity in Somerset and the South West, giving as many people as possible the chance to increase their skills and earning potential.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps said that nuclear power boosts energy security and independence while helping to deliver greater economic growth.

Somerset Chamber of Commerce praised the project for driving investment in the South West region, and Somerset County Council said that Hinkley Point C is supporting their vision for the area to be the centre of the globally significant clean growth region.

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