Octopus Energy outlines plan to speed up grid connections

A five-point-plan could speed up the connection process of renewable energy projects, which could power 2.5 million homes a year in the UK, according to a report

Octopus Energy‘s generation arm has outlined in a new report that queue-jumping, sunset clauses, and a data-driven can-do attitude are simple methods to connect renewables to the grid more quickly.

The company has published a five-point plan to speed up grid connections for renewable projects, which could unlock clean electricity for around 2.5 million homes and help reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

The plan includes proactive queue jumping, enforcing a sunset clause on grid offers, promoting a more transparent and data-driven can-do attitude, increasing competition in the connection process, and enabling collaboration between developers to reduce costs.

The UK has one of Europe’s biggest grid connection queues at more than 200GW and urgent action is needed to meet the country’s fossil-free targets, according to the authors of the report.

Zoisa North-Bond, the Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy Generation, stated that to speed up Britain’s renewable energy potential and lower energy costs, connecting cheap green projects to the grid must be done quickly.

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson told ELN: “The government is accelerating new network connections. We are working with Ofgem and network companies to speed up connection dates and we are introducing competition in networks through our Energy Bill to stimulate innovation and drive investment.

“Further details will be set out in our Connections Action Plan to be published this summer.”

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