Salty solution: Researchers shake things up with affordable CO2 capture

Researchers have found a new way to store carbon dioxide by creating structures made from a special salt

Scientists have developed a low-energy method for capturing and storing carbon dioxide using lattice-like structures called clathrates made from guanidinium sulfate salt.

The team led by Professor Cafer T. Yavuz of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) states that the solution enables energy-efficient carbon capture and storage without the need for refrigeration or pressure.

The clathrate structure uses low energy processes to capture carbon dioxide without water or nitrogen interference.

The scientific team believes that this could have a significant impact on fighting climate change.

Cafer Yavuz, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the KAUST Oxide and Organic Nanomaterials for Energy & Environment (ONE) Laboratory, said: “The impact is wide and strong, as the global fuel industry and the Kingdom entities are actively looking for ways to capture, store and transport carbon dioxide without significant energy penalties.”

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