Ofgem calls for reform of electricity connections process in open letter

Ofgem urges reforms to GB’s electricity connections process for shorter connection dates, aligning with net zero targets and consumer affordability

Energy regulator Ofgem has issued an open letter to all interested parties, outlining the need for a comprehensive reform of the electricity connections process in Britain.

The letter highlights the crucial role of efficient connections in achieving the country’s net zero targets, ensuring affordability for consumers and maintaining a secure energy supply.

The open letter emphasises that action must be taken now to stay on track for the targets set for 2035 and 2050.

Currently, over 40% of all new generation capacity with transmission connection agreements has connection dates scheduled for 2030 or later, which has cascading effects on the distribution network.

Ofgem acknowledges that the total contracted capacity already exceeds the predicted future generation capacity under various scenarios.

Therefore, intelligent changes to the connections queue methodology are required to meet the growing demand and facilitate the transition to net zero.

The open letter also encourages stakeholders to provide their views on the proposed reforms.

In the coming months, Ofgem plans to develop a joint action plan with the government, which will provide clarity on key improvements needed to deliver the necessary changes.

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