EDF’s nuclear steam merger cleared by UK regulator

The Competition and Markets Authority has granted approval to EDF’s acquisition of GE’s nuclear steam power business

The Competition and Markets Authority has given the green light to EDF‘s purchase of the nuclear steam power business owned by the General Electric Company.

While the full-text decision is yet to be published, this move marks a significant step forward for the merger.

Earlier this year, on 27th March, the CMA initiated an assessment to determine if the transaction would lead to the creation of a relevant merger situation under the provisions of the Enterprise Act 2002.

Furthermore, the authority aimed to evaluate whether such a situation would result in a substantial lessening of competition within any markets in the UK.

In order to gather insights and opinions from interested parties, the CMA invited comments on the transaction.

This inclusive approach ensured that a thorough examination of the potential impact on competition and market dynamics took place.

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