‘Ukraine surpasses UK in onshore wind turbine installations’

England’s new onshore wind turbine installations have stagnated since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with a mere two turbines generating 1MW of electricity in the village of Keele, Staffordshire

Ukraine has outpaced England in onshore wind turbine construction in the last year.

According to official data, only two onshore wind turbines have been installed in England since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year.

These turbines, located in the Staffordshire village of Keele, generate around 1MW of electricity.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has reportedly demonstrated growth in onshore wind power despite the country’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

Notably, the Tyligulska wind power plant stands as the first to be built in a conflict zone.

Situated just 60 miles from the frontline in the southern region of Mykolaiv, the Tyligulska wind power plant boasts 19 turbines with an installed capacity of 114MW.

A few months ago, the trade association RenewableUK voiced concerns over the UK Government’s failure to remove barriers preventing the rapid deployment of onshore wind in England.

Ed Miliband, the Shadow Climate Change Secretary, argued that the ban on new onshore wind in England had had a financial impact on British families, costing them £180 each and has left the energy system overly reliant on “fossil fuel dictators such as Putin”.

In response, a government spokesperson said: “Since 2010, we’ve increased the amount of renewable energy capacity connected to the grid by 500% – the second highest amount in Europe – installing 3,790MW of additional capacity across all renewables in 2022 alone.

“We continue to support more renewable projects to come online, including onshore wind if there is local community backing, as clean, more affordable energy brings down costs for consumers and boosts our long-term energy security.”

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