Government urged to offer energy bill support this winter

Energy suppliers and consumer groups are calling on the government to implement targeted support, including a possible social tariff to help millions of vulnerable energy customers facing high bills

Energy suppliers and consumer groups are urging the government to take action and provide “much-needed” support to vulnerable energy customers during the upcoming winter season.

The coalition of organisations, including Energy UK, Citizens Advice, Fair By Design, MoneySavingExpert, and National Energy Action, is calling for ministers to publish its planned consultation on a possible social tariff and other measures for customer support.

However, with Parliament going into recess until September, time is running short for the government to fulfil its pledge of introducing better-targeted support by April 2024.

The concern stems from the fact that despite a recent price decrease, millions of energy customers will still face difficulties in affording their energy bills this winter.

These bills are projected to be at least £600 higher than the previous year.

“Energy suppliers, consumer groups and charities are all concerned that millions of households are still going to need help to pay for the energy they will need to use this winter,” said Dhara Vyas, Energy UK’s Deputy Chief Executive.

“High energy costs have left too many people choosing between heating and eating,” warned Dame Clare Moriarty, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice.

National Energy Action warned of the dire situation facing millions of households in fuel poverty.

“Last winter was bleak, but this winter is set to be even worse,” said Adam Scorer, Chief Executive of National Energy Action.

Maria Booker, Head of Policy at Fair By Design, stressed the importance of energy affordability for all.

“The government urgently needs to put in place long term and targeted support so that everyone can afford to keep warm and safe,” Ms Booker said.

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