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‘Most UK homes reject EVs and solar power over cost concerns’

Nearly 62% of UK households won't switch to electric vehicles or solar power due to rising costs, according to a new survey

Nearly 62% of UK households resist adopting electric cars and solar power due to financial constraints, with cost being a significant barrier.

The upfront price difference, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, contributes to this reluctance.

According to a new survey by Cadent, almost two-thirds of households are struggling financially to maintain sustainability, leading to reluctance to adopt solar panel installations and transition to more fuel-efficient heating systems.

Despite the acknowledgement of environmental sustainability importance by a majority (53%), managing bills remains the priority, resulting in the adoption of cost-saving measures over sustainable practices.

Mark Belmega, Director of Social Purpose and Sustainability at Cadent, said: “While some households are taking steps to reduce energy usage, they are doing so to save money. So when cost becomes a barrier for more major changes, like buying an electric vehicle, the desire to be sustainable significantly wanes.

“It’s crucial industry, government and the wider business community collaborate to support all customers with their energy transition journey. It’s crunch time for net zero but UK households need help to become greener.”

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