A new future net zero to build your low carbon business strategy

Our new look site will offer you a business toolkit for a net zero future

Today we relaunch future net zero our sister platform.

This new site is designed to help you put net zero into action.

After four successful years, I believe the ethos of future net zero is stronger than ever; to help business and public sector organisations cut their carbon and do less harm to the environment, while growing economically.

However, we need to adapt and I hope this new platform will offer you more help, to take action now. Our new features of Index and Learning will be the way to do this.

Index is a directory of topics and technologies which you can use today to help lower your carbon footprint. An easy to navigate tool, it will offer editorial briefings on subjects so you can understand and make decisions, on what is right for your organisation. With partners we will also offer expert briefings, to help guide you to the right outcomes.

Learning is a modular learning system to get your employees and stakeholders clued up on the net zero legislation and policies, around common business practices. With video, audio and text, your team can understand what net zero is, how it will affect your business and eventually build up a knowledge base, to give you a pathway to a low carbon business plan specific to your needs.

The Net Hero Podcast will continue to offer you voices and stories from peers and inventors working to make a difference. So do subscribe and get involved by telling us your story.

Finally, we will continue to offer you the best editorial coverage of ESG news here on Energy Live News, which is also changing its look and feel. There will be a new ELN site, with better coverage of net zero and working in tandem with future net zero, we will offer the best coverage of news and the best way to take action to cut emissions.

The new platform will have membership levels but in the main it will remain free to use.

The whole team have worked very hard to bring you this new platform and I really hope it helps your net zero ambitions.  Please join us, so we can fulfil our core mantra, that better business will lead to a better planet.

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Net zero is a way to cut your costs and help the planet, so what’s stopping you? Often, it’s just the right help and advice. That’s what we will provide at the Big Zero Show this July. Workshops, expert speakers, case studies and exhibitions. Plus, networking with 1500 peers and potential customers. Register for free now.

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