Customers urged to send meter readings to avoid being overcharged

Energy experts are urging households across the UK to submit their energy meter readings this weekend to prevent overpayment

Households across the UK are being encouraged to provide their energy meter readings this weekend to prevent potential overpayments.

Approximately ten million households are advised to send their readings to their energy supplier to ensure accurate billing, particularly with cheaper prices set to take effect from 1st April.

Households without a smart meter are encouraged to provide their meter readings this bank holiday weekend.

This ensures their supplier has an up-to-date and precise overview of their account by or around 1st April.

Following a reduction in wholesale prices, Ofgem has announced a drop in its price cap, resulting in the lowest average household energy bill in two years.

The energy price cap sets the highest rate energy suppliers can bill you per unit of energy and standing charge, applicable if you’re on a standard variable tariff.

The current price cap of £1,928 for a typical dual fuel household in England, Scotland and Wales is set to decrease by 12.3% to £1,690 annually, equating to a £238 reduction per year or approximately £20 per month.

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