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UK nuclear industry unveils manifesto for ‘once in a generation’ programme

The Nuclear Industry Association has presented its manifesto ahead of the general election, outlining plans for a significant nuclear programme aimed at bolstering energy security

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) has unveiled its 2024 industry manifesto ahead of the general election, outlining a plan for a “once in a generation” nuclear programme.

The manifesto sets out five key actions for MPs elected on 4th July to support during the next Parliament.

Key points in the industry’s manifesto include progressing Sizewell C to a final investment decision by Autumn 2024, building a fleet of small modular reactors (SMRs) and selecting a suitable site for a geological disposal facility.

The manifesto emphasises the potential of a major nuclear construction programme to increase the nuclear skills base, revitalise strategic industrial capabilities and ensure the sector is best placed to deliver for net zero, energy security and communities across the country.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said: “Big decisions on new nuclear projects are needed as a matter of urgency during the next Parliament to ensure we deliver clean power for net zero, energy security and jobs for the future.

“Delivering new nuclear projects from Sizewell C and Wylfa to SMRs and nuclear fuel, will bring huge investment to communities and reliable, clean energy for a very long time.

“Members of the next Parliament will have some crucial decisions to take to ensure that the massive economic, environmental and energy security opportunities for the UK are realised.”

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