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Viking Link earns BREEAM certification

The Viking Link Converter station, part of the longest land and subsea electricity interconnector, has received a 'Very Good' BREEAM Infrastructure certification for its commitment to sustainability and environmental performance

The Viking Link Converter station in Lincolnshire has received a BREEAM Infrastructure ‘Very Good’ certification.

Viking Link, a 1.4GW high voltage electricity connection between the UK and Denmark, was developed by National Grid and Energinet.

The project, costing £1.7 billion, aims to power 2.5 million homes and save UK consumers £500 million over the next decade.

Siemens Energy constructed the UK converter station at Bicker Fen, enabling power transfer between the two countries.

The project’s adherence to sustainability practices resulted in significant carbon reduction, recognised by the BREEAM Infrastructure assessment.

Mark Pilling, Siemens Energy Vice President, Grid Solutions, Europe added: “By working within the BREEAM Infrastructure assessment methodology, we were able to achieve a remarkable 10,679 tonnes of carbon reduction from the baseline, the equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 2,000 homes.”

Phillip Spain, Project Director at National Grid, said: “Supporting the decarbonisation of the UK and Denmark is one of the core reasons why we developed Viking Link in the first place, and we are delighted that it has been awarded BREEAM Infrastructure certification.”

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