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Food will impact your business’s overall emissions, says expert

In this week’s Big Zero Briefing special podcast, we spoke to Group Product Sustainability Senior Manager for Hilton Foods, Tom Maidment who said businesses should work with specialists to reduce emissions from their food

Food choices can affect your business’ emissions.

‘What we eat is the only decision that we all make three times a day and it’s one of the most consequential and regular decisions that we make around our carbon footprint.’: said Tom Maidment ahead of his session at next month’s Big Zero Show.

‘I’ve been working on low carbon food for seven years and one of the first conversations I had with a big food company was being told that food can’t have a carbon footprint because it’s made of plants.

‘But we have seen businesses move very quickly on this, understand that the food industry is a big part of the solution and that food companies are going to have to be responsible for their emissions, both direct and supply chain emissions.

‘The UK government is working on tracking emissions and how we can get the measurement of emissions standardised. We want everyone to measure emissions in the same way and deliver those reductions.’

Tom told us that food producers are responsible for reducing emissions for the sector.

‘The primary responsibility of making sustainable decisions sits with the producers and the supply chain. And that’s the easiest way for the public to decarbonise, for the supply chain to never put the high carbon solution in front of customers.’

Watch the full podcast below and if you like to know more about the emissions from food and how they affect your business, register to the Big Zero Show.

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