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Wind turbine project breezes towards self-rising success

SENSEWind will build a 6MW wind turbine in Scotland using its SENSE installation system, aiming to demonstrate the self-installation of their new modular tower

SENSEWind is launching a 6MW wind turbine project in Scotland, featuring their SENSE installation system.

This project, set to start at Muirhall Energy’s Tormywheel Wind Farm in 2027, will demonstrate the self-installation capabilities of their tripod tower and a larger version of their 2MW turbine system.

SENSEWind Chair, Julian Brown. “The new modular tower allows for cost-effective self-installation and leverages proven materials and methods from the oil and gas industry.

“By solving the tower logistical and cost challenge, we see the SENSE solution being used on tall tower onshore wind projects, as well as on fixed bottom offshore wind projects as a competitive alternative to extra large monopiles.”

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