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UK gas network explores integration of hydrogen refuelling stations

Ofgem-funded research investigates incorporating hydrogen refuelling stations into the UK's gas network to support zero emission vehicles

Wales & West Utilities (WWU) has launched a study, funded by Ofgem, to investigate how the UK’s existing gas network can be adapted for hydrogen refuelling stations.

The research aims to use the natural gas network as infrastructure for hydrogen fuelling to meet the increasing demand for zero emission vehicles.

The study will examine infrastructure solutions to make hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) more viable as a sustainable alternative to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Hydrogen’s refuelling process is similar to conventional fuels, providing advantages for heavy-duty vehicles with high daily mileage and limited refuelling times.

This initiative, part of WWU’s HyDrive project, addresses the lack of hydrogen refuelling stations across Wales and the southwest of England.

Researchers will collaborate with regional stakeholders to understand current road transport demands, predict future needs and recommend potential sites for converting existing petrol stations to hydrogen refuellers.

The report will offer insights into the economic feasibility of this technology and its impact on consumers.

It will guide gas distribution networks in working with hydrogen producers and refuelling infrastructure providers to achieve long term savings for consumers.

Matthew Hindle, head of net zero and sustainability at WWU, said: “Our recent hydrogen van trial highlighted the need for permanent refuelling infrastructure, and this project will explore how our gas network can support future hydrogen refuelling.”

Laura Hughes, energy sector director at Costain, commented: “Hydrogen is essential for the UK’s decarbonisation and energy transition goals. Our research under the HyDrive initiative will tackle the challenges of making hydrogen-powered vehicles a reality.”

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