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Cadent plans to double fuel poverty support funding

Since its launch in 2019, the Cadent Foundation has awarded over £25 million in charitable grants

The Cadent Foundation has committed to doubling its efforts to support those in fuel poverty.

Its annual Impact Report, “Working together for a future without fuel poverty,” marks five years of progress and outlines new initiatives.

Since 2019, the foundation has awarded over £25 million in grants.

In 2023, projects delivered £5.6 million in financial gains, installed 33,799 energy efficiency measures and achieved £1.1 million in cost savings.

Future plans include more high-impact projects and becoming a charitable partner to further support local communities.

Ranjit Blythe, Managing Director of the Cadent Foundation, said: “We certainly have no plans to stand still. With the need as high as ever, we now want to engage in more high-impact projects that work even harder to reach even more people – with the ultimate goal of doubling our impact in the next five years.

“A key part of our evolution will see us, for the first time, becoming a charitable partner in our own right – facilitating Cadent’s 6,000 colleagues to directly fundraise and support hyper-local charities that align with the organisation’s Force for Good agenda.

“This new initiative supports our goal of reaching more people while continuing to fund and deliver major nationwide fuel poverty projects.”

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