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A look back at the energy industry with Kenny and Nick

In this podcast, Kenny Hallett, Head of Sales Development and Nick Parr, TotalEnergies’ Head of Major Business Commercial join the team at Future Net Zero to give a quick market update. They look back at the past few years to talk through the energy market and how we’ve got to where we are now!

They discuss the landscape through covid, the war in Ukraine and an energy crisis to market stability and normality in 2024, touching on how as a business we managed daily spikes, changing consumer appetite for energy procurement and how we’ve diversified our product offering to strike a balance between risk and budget certainty.

What happened with demand destruction as working from home became the norm, is the market evolving so that automation, better data and flexible consumption become common place and is Kenny about to be replaced by AI!? Listen to find out…

Podcast highlights:

  • Kenny has been in the energy industry for 20 years! We couldn’t have anticipated or prepared for the shocks of the last few years. The energy crisis took the market by surprise, it’s been a long recovery but it’s raised the profile of energy.
  • Nick states customers and suppliers have had to understand what the risks are and how to get through these. We saw markets spike on a daily basis, which created a challenging environment for everyone.
  • Demand destruction has been significant and we’ve learnt how to reduce our demand. With a milder winter, we’ve an abundance of storage!
  • Current landscape has been stable, so some customers have planned ahead and reforecast in line with usage.
  • Talking to your supplier is more important now than ever. We want to take the time to focus and understand people’s needs, some products are complicated but we can offer reassurance and guidance.

Get in touch:

For further information on anything discussed in the podcast, or if you want to explore our products and get some guidance and support on which one is best for your business, get in touch with our team today.

We’ve a comprehensive product line up to meet your procurement needs and a variety of renewable options to get you stared on the road to net zero.

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