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EDF launches new tariff to undercut energy price cap by £50

EDF has introduced a new fixed tariff that promises to be £50 below Ofgem's price cap, offering a discounted standing charge to all customers

EDF has unveiled a new energy tariff designed to be £50 cheaper than Ofgem’s price cap, effective from 1st July 2024.

The EDF Ensure tariff is a fixed-term tracker that will remain below the cap, the energy supplier has said.

The EDF Ensure tariff includes a £25 per fuel discount on standing charges, the fixed daily costs for supplying electricity and gas.

This approach ensures that all customers, regardless of their energy consumption levels or payment methods, receive the same financial benefit.

The tariff aims to offer an annual average cost of £1,518 until the next Ofgem price cap adjustment on 1st October.

Rich Hughes Director of Retail at EDF, said: “While the price cap will come down from July, it is expected to increase once again this Winter.

“Our new tariff will guarantee that customers who have already cut back or made changes to improve energy efficiency will pay proportionately less.

“Standing charges have increased significantly over the previous couple of years and this new tariff is another way we are helping customers save cash and carbon.”

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