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‘Businesses want certainty from their energy providers’

In a future net zero podcast, Anthony Ainsworth, Chief Operating Officer for npower Business Solutions told us that sustainability will help businesses grow

We’re going to have to speed up the planning process to meet net zero targets.

This is what Anthony Ainsworth, Chief Operating Officer, npower Business Solutions said in this episode of the future net zero podcast.

‘If we really want to make this energy transition happen in the UK, we can’t do it over the next 10 years the way that we’ve done it for the last 10 years.

‘Regardless of which party comes into power, we’re going to have to speed up the planning process if we want to increase renewable capacity in the UK. We have got to see the big picture here for the next 20-25 years and to do that, we’ve got to cut through the red tape.

‘Get planning simpler, get grid connections faster and strengthen the grid quicker. Everyone has got to take one for the team on this one.’

Anthony told us that it is in the interest of businesses to prioritise net zero.

‘Businesses want to play their part in the net zero transition. It is good business for them, for their customers and stakeholders to be on the net zero journey.

‘It means that you’re saving carbon and over time, you’re also saving on costs.

‘For a CEO who wants to keep stakeholders and customers happy and a CFO who wants to keep costs down, being on that net zero transition is appealing.

‘But businesses do not believe that there is sufficient clarity in terms of policy or incentives to drive net zero.

‘So, they do want to play a part but the government is not aiming legislation at the big chunk of middle tier businesses. And I think there’s more that can be done there.’

Watch the full episode below.

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