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Advancing major UK power link project supply chain

Tendering has commenced for the Eastern Green Link 3 HVDC connection project, aiming to establish a 680 kilometre subsea link from Aberdeenshire to Norfolk

Tendering has opened for the cable and converter work packages of the Eastern Green Link 3 (EGL3) HVDC connection project, a collaboration between SSEN Transmission and National Grid Electricity Transmission.

This project, designed to transfer renewable energy from Scotland to the rest of the UK, will span approximately 680 kilometres, combining onshore and subsea cabling.

The EGL3 initiative proposes a 2GW bi-pole, 525kV HVDC link between Peterhead in Aberdeenshire and Norfolk, aiming to enhance the transmission efficiency of renewable energy to meet national net zero goals.

Scheduled for completion by 2033, EGL3 represents the largest HVDC transmission project planned in the UK.

It forms a crucial component of SSEN Transmission’s Pathway to 2030 programme, involving a £20 billion investment to bolster Scotland’s renewable energy infrastructure.

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